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Where The Legend and the Legacy Live On

Where The Legend and the Legacy Live On

Where The Legend and the Legacy Live OnWhere The Legend and the Legacy Live On

About Us - Our Vision and Goals

One of the recently renovated cupolas on the Yearling Barns.

Preserve the Historic Barns

The Yearling, Stallion, Training Barns and Secretariat's Foaling Shed all were built by Christopher Chenery after he purchased The Meadow in 1936. The barns are listed on the state and national historic registers, and preserving them is our first priority. 

We are happy to note that renovations to the six original cupolas on the Yearling Barns have been completed. Damaged wood was replaced with careful adherence to architectural guidelines, new copper flashing was installed where needed, and all cupolas were repainted.

This important work was made possible by generous donations from people who appreciate the historic significance of these structures.



  • Create new hands-on exhibits with Meadow Stable artifacts, such as racing saddles, bridles, blankets, etc
  • Highlight the important role of the  grooms, trainers and others who contributed to the success of Meadow Stable
  • Use barns as venue for youth educational activities