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Where The Legend and the Legacy Live On


Walking through the Hoofprints of History

 Visitors to Secretariat's birthplace can truly walk in the hoofprints of history on land where some of the greatest Thoroughbreds in all of racing grazed and galloped.  As we plan for the Secretariat  Heritage Center, come enjoy our current narrated tours. Highlights are:  

  • Groundshaker, a Secretariat great-great granddaughter. She is the last horse bred and raced by Penny Chenery.
  • Mia, the spunky little miniature horse who is Groundshaker’s “barn buddy”
  • The original foaling shed where Secretariat was born March 30, 1970, and the yearling, stallion and training barns built in the 1930s
  • The Cove, where the Meadow mares and foals grazed
  • Historical exhibits in the Meadow Champions Galleries and Triple Crown Room in Meadow Hall
  • Secretariat stride markers showing his 25-foot racing stride and "America's Largest Horseshoe" modeled after his racing shoe
  • Meadow gift shop featuring exclusive Secretariat souvenirs 
  • Plus special events throughout the year, such as our Secretariat Birthday Celebration, Derby Day at The Meadow, Salute to Secretariat at The State Fair of Virginia and more! 


 Come see the Virginia farm that produced an American legend.  Email Secretariat Tourism Manager/Historian Leeanne Meadows Ladin at lladin@meadoweventpark.com for more info about the Secretariat Birthplace Tours at The Meadow Event Park.